Tour Pro Workouts



Spanish tour pro Belen Mozo, who joined the LPGA in 2011, has always combined physical fitness with golf technique to raise her game. As a top-level player and fitness enthusiast, Mozo understands both sides and strives to balance them. She constantly refines her workouts to target the muscles that are most important in the golf swing.

Increasing speed is one obvious benefit of working out, and what golfer doesn’t want more speed and distance? But there are many other reasons for golfers to hit the gym, like more shotmaking consistency, which comes from better balance, flexibility and mobility. Then there’s the issue of stamina or energy. Golf might not seem a rigorous sport, but fatigue can ruin a round as fast as wild drives and three-putts—and is often the cause of them.

In these videos, Mozo shows you dozens of the exercises she has used during her career. Some are simple and not too strenuous; others will kick your butt. In the end, you’ll have a comprehensive collection you can use to create your own routines—worthy of a tour player.

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