Brooks Koepka gets the final word on Twitter trolls with his Brinks Truck shirt

Best in Golf

In the video, Kopeka recalls the circumstances leading up to the tweet. During a rain delay at the BMW Championship last August, Koepka was scrolling through his Twitter feed, reading criticism from some of his haters, when one tweet in particular stuck out to him. The Twitter troll suggested he “stop playing and go drive a truck.”

“I figure the best truck to drive is full of cash, so I just wrote back ‘Brinks truck?’” Koepka said. “Within 10 minutes I saw Twitter was blowing up, and I was just laughing. You can’t out-troll a troll”

Taking the quip a step further, Nike designed Koepka his own truck with “Brooks” written on the side of the vehicle—presumably filled with cash. The Brooks Truck shirt ($72) is available on for anyone signed up for Nike’s membership program.

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