Tour Edge Pure Feel Template Series putters mix traditional heads with high-tech grip technology


The new Tour Edge Pure Feel Template Series putters bring some recognizable head shapes with traditional feel, but it’s the other end of these putters that might show you something the game hasn’t seen before.

As the name implies, the Pure Feel Template Series shows some of the head styles that mirror shapes that have been around for some time. That includes two classic blade styles, a mid-mallet, a center shafted mallet and a couple of oversized mallets. Those shapes are constructed from soft 304 stainless steel and feature a milled microgroove face pattern designed to promote a more efficient roll and a softer feel. A bead-blasted topline and flange helps reduce glare, and each model incorporates aiming lines against a black base on the flange.

Like several club lines in Tour Edge’s past, affordability will be a focus with the Pure Feel Template Series putters. In stores now, each of the six putters will retail for $100.

While the head designs are familiar, though, it’s the grip that brings a new technology designed for improved feel. The oversized Pure Feel TAC grip uses a thermoplastic suspension polymerization technique for its material. This tacky feel keeps the hands more naturally in position, making it easier to achieve a softer grip. The manufacturing process forms white dots sitting on the grip’s black base. While that material is new to golf, it has a connection to another sport where gripping things can be pretty crucial.

“It’s a new material that is extremely tacky that we’ve started perfecting that is similar to the technology used in wide receiver’s gloves in the NFL,” said Tour Edge’s founder, CEO and designer David Glod.

Combined with the enhanced tacky feel, the oversized design is targeted at calming the hands during the stroke.

The six putters in the series are named after famous golf course holes, including the Cape and Eden blades, the Redan mid-mallet and the Alps, Biarritz, and Road mallets.

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