Top-ranked Oklahoma State among 30 teams advancing to the NCAA Men’s Championship, one step closer to school first


Survive and advance is the motto of every men’s team that qualified for the NCAA Regionals. It’s easier said than done. Just ask Georgia Tech coach Bruce Heppler. In his 24 years with the Yellow Jackets, Heppler’s charges have never missed out making it to Regionals. But for the past three years, his teams have disappointing ended their seasons early by failing finish in the top five. That streak ended on Wednesday when Tech traveled across country to Pullman, Wash., and finished fourth

“It’s nice to be on the right side of this for a change,” Heppler said. “They’ve grown up, and maybe a year ago we don’t play like that coming in. I’m proud of them that we got through this hurdle, and now we can go prepare for the national championship.”

By and large, the top seeds in each of the six Regionals held form, earning a spot at the NCAA Championship at Blessings Golf Club in Fayetteville, Ark., May 23-29. Seven schools seeded high enough at Regionals to be “expected” to advance to nationals failed to move on, and only one team in the Golfstat top 15 (Texas Tech) saw its season come to a premature end on Wednesday.

One school that didn’t have to sweat out whether they’d advance to the NCAA Championship is 2018 winner Oklahoma State. The Cowboys cruised to victory at the University of Louisville G.C., their 14th Regional title in history, winning by four strokes with a closing seven-under 277. It’s the 72nd time OSU will be playing for the national title as they try for the first time to win in consecutive seasons.

Here’s a look at how all six Regionals shook out, with the five teams and one individual player that advanced to Arkansas from each.

University of Georgia G.C., Athens, Ga. (Par 71)

Win: Georgia, -8/844
2: Duke, -1/851
3: Vanderbilt, +1/853
4: SMU, +16/868
5: Liberty, +18/870

Just missed:
6: Tennessee, +21/873
7: Nevada, +23/875
8: Memphis, +25/877

Top-five seed that failed to qualify
11: Alabama, +39/891 (No. 5 seed)

Individual results
Medalist: Davis Thompson, Georgia, -8/205
2: Will Gordon, Vanderbilt, -6/207
3: Spencer Ralston, Georgia, -4/209
T-4: Billy Tom Sargent, Western Kentucky, -3/210*
T-4: Stephen Osborne, Nevada, -3/210

*Qualified as individuals for NCAA Championship

TPC of Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, S.C. (Par 72)

Win: Illinois, -25/839
2: Ohio State, -20/844
3: Wake Forest, -15/849
4: California, -14/850
5: UNLV, -8/856

Just missed:
6: Florida State, -7/857
7: Oregon, -1/863
8: Northwestern, E/864

Top-five seed that failed to qualify
6: Florida State, -7/857 (No. 5 seed)
9: Texas Tech, +1/865 (No. 3 seed)

Individual Results
Medalist: Michael Feagles, Illinois, -15/201
2: Edwin Yu, Oregon, -14/202*
3: Jamie Li, Florida State, -11/205

*Qualified as individuals for NCAA Championship

University of Louisville G.C., Simpsonville, Ky. (Par 71)

Win: Oklahoma State, -14/838
2: Auburn, -10/842
3: Baylor, -7/845
4: Louisville, +7/859
5: North Florida, +8/860

Just missed:
6: West Virginia, +10/862
7: Mississippi State, +14/866
8: Iowa State, +15/867

Individual Results
Medalist: Tripp Kinney, Iowa State, -7/206*
T-2: Viktor Hovland, Oklahoma State, -6/207
T-2: Jimmy Hervol, Connecticut, -6/207
T-2: Trevor Wrbylo, Arizona, -6/207
T-2: Matthias Schmid, Louisville, -6/207

*Qualified as individuals for NCAA Championship

University of Texas G.C. (Par 71)

Win: Texas, -25/827
2: TCU, -5/847
3: Clemson, -1/851
4: Pepperdine, +1/858
5: USC, +8/860

Just missed:
6: Arkansas, +13/865
7: Iowa, +18/870
8: Marquette, +28/880

Individual Results
Co-Medalist: Stefano Mazzoli, TCU, -9/204
Co-Medalist: Steve Chervony, Texas, -9/204
Co-Medalist: Cole Hammer, Texas, -9/204
T-6: Julian Perico, Arkansas, -3/210*

*Qualified as individuals for NCAA Championship

Stanford University G.C., Stanford, Calif. (Par 72)

Win: Stanford, -23/817
T-2: Arizona State, -11/839
T-2: North Carolina, -11/839
4: Georgia Southern, -6/844
5: LSU, +2/852

Just missed:
6: Mississippi, +3/853
7: Virginia, +5/855
T-8: South Florida, +9/859
T-8: N.C. State, +9/859

Top-five seed that failed to qualify
T-8: N.C. State, +9/859 (No. 4 seed)

Individual Results
Medalist: Isaiah Salinda, Stanford, -10/200
T-2: Ryan Burnett, North Carolina, -7/203
T-2: Cameron Sisk, Arizona State, -7/203
T-2: Chun An Yu, Arizona State, -7/203
T-2: David Snyder, Stanford, -7/203
T-6: Kyler Dunkle, Utah, -6/204*

*Qualified as individuals for NCAA Championship

Palouse Ridge, Pullman, Wash. (Par 70)

Win: Texas A&M, -33/807
2: BYU, -31/809
3: Oklahoma, -30/810
4: Georgia Tech, -22/818
T-5: South Carolina, -21/819*
*won playoff for last spot

Just missed:
T-5: Colorado State, -21/819
7: Michigan State, -12/828
8: UCLA, -11/829

Top-five seed that failed to qualify
8: UCLA, -11/829 (No. 5 seed)

Individual Results
Medalist: Rhett Rasmussen, BYU, -15/195
2: Zach Smith, UC Santa Barbara, -13/197*
T-3: Scott Stevens, South Carolina, -12/198
T-3: Tim Widing, San Francisco, -12/198
T-3: Blaine Hale, Oklahoma, -12/198

*Qualified as individuals for NCAA Championship

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