Tiger Woods fixes amateurs’ swings, putting his golf IQ on full display


A few weeks ago, we asked fans to take the ultimate leap of faith by submitting a video of their swing to be critiqued by none other than Tiger Woods himself. Quite a few took the plunge, and Woods didn’t hold back with his analysis. Case in point: the first swing Woods is shown is that of a child, no more than 9 years old. Here’s what the 15-time major champion had to say.

“The only thing I see, it’s pretty obvious that he stops his rotation at the very end,” Woods said. “His hips thrust forward and up because he’s using the ground to try hit it as hard as he can, he’s coming up on it. Which is awesome.

“The only thing I would say is to try to keep his left butt cheek back a little bit more as he does it. There’s nothing wrong with the hip extending and coming up, but the butt has to stay back a little bit. The thrust forward like that, he’s gonna have an upright follow through, which he does, the club’s gonna flip up vertically. That can be a nasty block right or a pretty big flip hook.”

Did you get all that, junior? While hanging out in his in-home simulator setup, Woods takes a look at 15 swings in total—including that of host Henni Zuell—and demonstrates his recommendations by mimicking the moves himself. Through his analysis, we’re afforded a look into how Woods thinks about the golf swing and what he prioritizes in his own move.

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