This is what the start of your downswing should feel like


When working on your backswing, you have time to think about what you want to do, and you can even rehearse new movements or feels while you play. The downswing is a different story. It happens so fast, you really have to know what you’re doing before you do it.

“Shift to your left side for bigger drives.”

The first move down into the ball is the part of the swing I’ve been working hard to improve. My backswing feels great. It’s less restricted now, and I’m getting my back facing the target like you see here. It’s when I reach this point in the swing that my attention turns to trying to get all of my weight on my left foot. I want to feel it there before the club starts down. I think that’s a really important move for all golfers, especially if you want to hit the ball with some power.

This push into the ground might feel like you’re squatting at first. And that’s OK. Just remember that you can’t stay in a squatted position. If you do, the club will crash into the ground behind the ball.

To improve your downswing, feel like you squat and then push upward. The front leg has to straighten. There was a time in practice sessions with my coach, Denis Pugh, where I would consciously squat and then feel like I was jumping off my left foot. The goal was to make that feeling happen without thinking about it. Without that push off the front leg, you’ll be wasting all the power you created to hit a good drive.

— with Ron Kaspriske

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