The Short Course to Lower Scores



With all the talk these days about driving distance, a better short game is still the fastest way to improve your scores. Why? Well, a couple reasons. First, you hit a lot more shots inside 50 yards than you do tee shots. Second, it’s easier to tweak the small swings than the big ones. If you have limited time for golf, the short game should be your focus.

The trick to getting better in any area is to get an accurate assessment of where you stand. For this video series, teacher Devan Bonebrake devised tests for each major area of the short game: pitching, chipping, lag putting and short putting. Take the tests to find your biggest opportunities for improvement. In each area, Bonebrake offers basic instruction and practice drills, plus transfer training to take your improved technique to the course. When you think you’re ready, retake the original test to assess your progress.

Stop guessing about where you need help in the short game. Try this innovative new system to peg your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

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