The Golf Club Course Review & Photos


38. The Golf Club

Pete Dye (1967)/Pete Dye (R. 2013)

The Golf Club, built in 1966, may be the most authentic of Pete Dye’s transition period of design, when he first chose to buck convention and start building lay-of-the-land layouts like those he’d seen during a 1963 tour of Scotland. In doing so, Dye re-introduced deception, misdirection and railroad ties into American golf architecture. Its construction attracted the attention of local boy Jack Nicklaus, who visited several times and made some astute suggestions. That led to a five-year Dye-Nicklaus design partnership. The Golf Club remained untouched for 45 years, until 2014, when his younger son P.B. Dye rebuilt every hole, modestly adjusting some of his original architecture but restoring many bunkers that had been lost over the years.

100 Greatest History: Ranked since 1969. Highest ranking: No. 23, 1999-00. Previous ranking: No. 34

Panelist comments:
“The serene location, water features and stepping stones across the creeks enhanced both the aesthetic appeal and ambience of the course. The Golf Club has a “timeless” feel even with it’s Dye modern day touches.”

“Beautiful aesthetics. The Pete Dye signature railroad ties are present on a number of holes yet blend into the overall landscaping and hole designs.”

“Love how Pete Dye consulted with then-27-year-old Jack Nicklaus to get his input on the shot values. Mission accomplished. It has such a low-key, Columbus feel that most residents of the city (14 miles away) don’t even know it’s there.”

“Recent changes in 2013 improved playability while not affecting shot values. Still a second-shot course. Course has aged quite well, and remains a nice, stern test, with subtle greens and very strategic approach shots, often masked by Dye’s lines of charm.”

“Make sure to try the homemade cookies at the turn — homemade and out of this world!”

The Golf Club hole 3
Courtesy of The Golf Club

Hole No. 3

The Golf Club hole 5
Courtesy of The Golf Club

Hole No. 5

The Golf Club hole 6
Courtesy of The Golf Club

Hole No. 6

The Golf Club hole 13
Courtesy of The Golf Club

Hole No. 13

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