The Body-Swing Connection, with Dave Phillips



Thousands of golf instructors around the world have trusted Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Dave Phillips and his TPI Performance Center for elite-level training that helps players develop a swing that works best with their physical capabilities. The techniques and strategies Phillips uses in that training form the foundation for this six-part series, “The Body-Swing Connection.”

With Phillips’ help, you’ll see why cookie-cutter, generalized instruction doesn’t work for every player. By understanding how your body and movement patterns work together—or hold each other back—you can make simple adjustments that will have the most impact on your ball-striking, consistency and, ultimately, your scores.

A simple series of tests will show you whether you’re primarily a steep or shallow swinger and give you specific advice for controlling the space in front of your body during the downswing—the element that every great player gets right. By controlling that space in both the long game and the short game and working with your natural swing tendencies, you’ll be able to get better results very quickly.

With this program, you’ll get almost an hour of the same content that Phillips delivers to teachers around the world in keynote presentations. Instead of fighting to get your swing to look more like somebody else’s, unlock your own athleticism and potential to play at a higher level.

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