The best golf skirts for 2020, according to our Golf Digest editors

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Shopping for golf skirts is a tricky game for many female golfers. Finding the balance between style, comfort and an appropriate length can sometimes seem impossible. To help, we polled the female golfers in our office for their choices for the year’s best golf skirts.

We understand you might not be playing golf for quite some time depending on where you live, but you’ll want to be prepared with great options to wear when we’re ready to play golf again. Here are our favorites.

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Adidas Women’s Golf Ultimate Adistar Skort

“Hands down, this is one of the most comfortable golf skorts in my closet. Before I found it, I struggled to find a skort that fit both my waist and legs securely. The luxe-feeling fabric is soft and stretchy while the waistband keeps my shirt tucked in throughout an entire round. If you’re looking for a golf skort that has a traditional look with an athletic feel, this one fits the bill.” —Madeline MacClurg

Adidas Women’s Golf Ultimate Adistar Skort
Available at | BUY NOW: $56

Nike Dri-FIT Women’s 15″ Golf Skirt

“I have been wearing some version of Nike Golf skirts for a while. I love the Nike Dri-FIT collection of skirts because they are super lightweight, quick drying and the liner shorts are especially comfortable. I have this skirt in several colors now and even still have the skirts I was wearing in high school—these golf skirts are made to last.”—Courtney Kyritz

Nike Dri-FIT Women’s 15″ Golf Skirt
BUY NOW: $90

Foray Golf Core 2.0 Skirt

“If I’m heading anywhere that involves golf, this skirt (in black) is the first thing in my bag. (Partly because I know that even if it’s jammed into the bottom of the bag, it won’t be overly wrinkled when I pull it out.) I appreciate the length of this skirt. It’s short enough to be cute, without ever feeling too short. There are stretchy shorts attached inside the skirt, with a line of grippy silicone at the bottom to hold them in place, so you’re not at risk of them riding up. I also like the durability and versatility of the skirt. Once on a golf trip, I forgot workout shorts and wore this skirt on the elliptical instead, and it worked great.” —Keely Levins

Foray Golf Core 2.0 Skirt
BUY NOW: $150

Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt (Tall)

“I love to carry my golf bag and there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting, uncomfortable skirt constantly riding up during a hot summer round. I am 5 feet, 4 inches tall, and the Pace Rival Skirt has never let me down. This skirt not only has a comfy, flattering and classic fit, it’s also the perfect length (15 inches). Not to mention the skirt’s built-in shorts and pockets always stay in place through the duration of the round. I own it in every color and refuse to wear any other skirt!” —Daria Delfino

Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt (Tall)
BUY NOW: $68

Honorable Mention: Outdoor Voices The Exercise Dress

“If we’re going to the range post-work and headed to dinner or drinks right after, this is the dress I throw on. The liner is full-body and extends into shorts, so you’re covered. The material is stretchy, easy to move in and comfortable. The cut is flattering, so wherever you end up after the range, you aren’t giving off ‘I-just-came-from-the-golf-course’ vibes. I haven’t worn this dress on a golf course yet due to dress-code violation concerns. But I bet you could make it dress-code compliant by putting sun sleeves or a sun shirt under it.” —K.L.

Outdoor Voices The Exercise Dress
BUY NOW: $100

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