TaylorMade has released details of its new TP5 and TP5x golf balls, which promise increased speeds without affecting control through the bag.

Eric Loper, Director of TaylorMade Golf Ball R&D, said: “With the new TP5 and TP5x golf balls, we knew there was an opportunity to make them even faster. Our research into the driver and ball interaction at the moment of impact, along with the development of a new High-Flex material (HFM) has given us the ability to more efficiently convert compression into speed, at any swing speed. The new Speed-Layer System controls spin rates that is critical for driver, iron and wedge performance.”

299800-2019_TP5_3_4-962118-large-1546440303The key to achieving enhanced speed without impacting other areas of performance comes down to the ability to weave the new High-Flex Material within TaylorMade’s proprietary five-layer ball construction. In traditional golf balls with three or four layers, manufacturers are unable to utilise a soft core and maintain high ball velocities. With the latest TP5 and TP5x, speed and spin are effectively decoupled – which enables an incredibly soft core to be wrapped by increasingly stiff materials, creating a Speed-Layer System with each outer layer getting progressively faster.

Based on initial player testing with the 2019 TP5 and TP5x, TaylorMade’s staff players have reported speeds they’ve never seen before. During a recent testing session, Jon Rahm (who averages 177-179mph ball speed with driver) was seeing numbers upward of 186mph, with an average of around 182.5mph. Other TaylorMade players also experienced noticeable gains in ball speed at a recent testing session across high, mid and lower swing speeds.

The new Speed-Layer System is comprised of four increasingly stiff layers, featuring a new material called HFM. HFM is essentially a tightly wound spring and when compressed generates more rebound energy for more ball speed. The spring-like characteristic of HFM also increases the force on the driver face, further increasing the speed of the golf ball when it leaves the driver face.

The Tri-Fast Core consists of an extra-large, low-compression inner core (16 compression in TP5 and 25 compression in TP5x) and a progressively stiffer outer core and mantle. The combination of these three layers work in conjunction to create lower drag and increased carry. The Tri-Fast Core delivers breakthrough iron performance by achieving maximum carry, giving golfers of nearly every swing speed (over 60mph) choosing less clubs into the green.

The Dual-Spin cover boasts an ultra-soft cast urethane cover and a 30% more rigid inner cover. This system creates a condition that is ideal for greenside control, as the rigid inner cover forces the soft urethane cover into wedge grooves for maximum spin generation. Additional enhancements include a new Soft-Tough cast urethane cover. In order to achieve improved scuff resistance, shear resistance, and overall durability, the new cover features a cast urethane compound and new paint formulation to help each ball feel better and last longer.

299802-TP5x Packaging-a9df05-large-1546440327HOW TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THE TP5 & TP5X
The 2019 TP5 and TP5x offer complete tee-to-green performance thanks to TaylorMade’s patented 5-layer construction. While both deliver significant distance off the tee, the TP5 has a softer feel (85 compression), launches lower on iron shots and has more spin around the greens (+300 compared to TP5x at 100 yards & +200 at 30 yards) while the TP5x has a firmer feel (97 compression) and will generate higher launching iron shots. TaylorMade staffers anticipated to play the TP5 are Rory McIlroy & Beau Hossler, while Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm and Jason Day will expectedly gravitate toward the TP5x model.

RRP: £49.99 per dozen. On sale date: February 15.

For more details, visit TaylorMadeGolf.com.

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