Strategy Basics



Despite how much you’d like to drive the ball 30 yards farther or hit flop shots like Phil Mickelson, you know what you really want is lower scores. And there’s a much easier way to get them: Play smarter and reduce unforced errors. Strategy beats swing changes every time.

In this video series, top teacher Jeff Ritter takes us to the beautiful Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Ore., for a class in the fundamentals of smart golf. Jeff starts with the pre-round warm-up, goes through many of the shots and situations you face during a typical round, and even discusses how to wrap up a round and plan for the next one. With the driver, the irons, the wedges and even the putter, you’ll get a fresh perspective on how to plan and play shots. There are so many ah-ha moments in these videos, you’ll be itching to get out and try Jeff’s advice.

“Strategy Basics” is not about overhauling your game; it’s about upgrading your game plan and putting yourself in positions to shoot better scores. Think little changes for big results.

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