Shooting 77 From 7000 Yards – Way of the Playa From the Tips

Not my normal style of video but wanted to clear all the content from my trip out and in this one I show you how to break 80 from the tips at 7000 on a new course. I liked this course and found the holes challenging.


One thing is for sure, I need to work on my driver. In fact, I need to work on my game. I don’t practice and haven’t hit a range or practice green in well over a year. This is showing up in the confidence on tee shots.

If I start a hole not confident with the driver, or even the 2 iron, then the entire hole is going to be a struggle. I got the 2 iron and driver in December/January 2018/19 and still have not been to the range to work on them to have supreme confidence on the tee.

There is still a lot of content to go before, but I will post updates from Malaysia of my practice routine. I still have a lot of content to get through, so expect a barrage!!!

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