Rickie Fowler Gives Tips on How to Drive the Ball Further | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

Rickie Fowler show Golf Digest how to drive the ball further with some insight from Butch Harmon.

(pleasant music)
Oh yeah.
Right down…
Oh, hey, boys.
What is that?
About ?
if I’m talking conservatively.
You must be kidding me.
I mean, the wind was in my face, so maybe…
You wanna see what looks like?
Show it to him, Rick.
(dramatic music)
(launching noises)
Now that’s what looks like.
You couldn’t hit a downhill on ice.
So together, we’re like .
(intense music)
Yeah, maybe we should go help ’em out.
Yeah, no kidding.
Guys, oh guys!
You know, Rickie, you have experience of hitting the ball
not only long, but accurate.
You’re one of the leaders in the category of overall
driving which is linked in accuracy.
What are some of the keys you use when you really need to
step up and hit one and catch a little more yardage?
If I’m going to try and get one out there a little
further, I’d say one of the first things at setup
I think about is just a little wider stance.
[Butch] Because it drops your spine a little
behind the ball to start with.
Yeah, you’re able to, like you say, come up behind
the ball, really load into the right side and
then you’re able to drive from there.
The second one being is the takeaway, just making sure
I’m deliberate, a little slower, which will in turn
probably be about normal speed when you’re trying to
hit one harder.
I like that thought because when you think about
hitting one hard, the average person gets fast going
back, slow coming down, so if you can be a little more
deliberate with that takeaway, lets you get that good
Good windup, you stay in rhythm so then you can go ahead
and deliver the club properly from there.
To last thing, once I’ve got it in a good position, top,
is really feeling like, when we talked about kind of shake
in the right hand, making sure I get through the ball,
release the club and send it.
I like it, let’s send one!
(pleasant music)
[Rickie] See, that’s how it’s done.
Well, fellas, I’m man enough to admit when I was wrong.
Rickie, nice shot.
(dramatic music)
[Both] Yeah he was.
(energetic music)

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Rickie Fowler Gives Tips on How to Drive the Ball Further | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

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