QUIZ: Are you helping or hurting your golf partners’ performance?


“There’s guys that are a shot, maybe a two-shot penalty when you see their name on that sheet,” Watson said. “You know, yeah, I look forward to seeing who the pairings are and sometimes I start praying early trying to get a good one.”

For years, Golf Digest has discussed the traits that make for an annoying golf partner—slow players, emotionally volatile players, players who offer way more information than you want or need. But those are qualities put through the simple prism of enjoyment—which is to say, they make a golf round less fun.

Watson’s point, meanwhile, is certain pairings make you play worse, too. And so it merits asking not only what constitutes helpful versus harmful behavior, but where you might fall on the spectrum. To help figure this out, we’ve constructed the following quiz that touches on areas that most influence others during a given round—ranging from your pace of play to your demeanor to your willingness to help as much as the rules allow.

Answer these 10 questions and then check your results to see whether other players exhale or cringe when you approach the tee.

24-30 points: Your partners are lucky to have you.

16-23 points: You help more than hurt.

10-15 points: Here’s hoping you’re at least buying drinks.

9 points or less: It might be time to look for new golf friends!

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