Ping unveils low spin G410 LST driver


Ping has expanded it G410 driver range with the release of the G410 LST, a high-MOI driver designed to produce low, stable spin with the shot-shaping control provided by the company’s movable-weight technology.

On sale from May 30, and with a recommended retail price of £450, the G410 LST shares the movable-weight technology found in the G410 Plus model. The centre of gravity is slightly forward of the G410 Plus in all three positions (draw, neutral, fade), leading to spin reduction of 200-400 rpm, depending on shaft choice and a golfer’s launch conditions. Each weight position shifts the CG location by 1/10-inch in each direction from neutral, influencing left or right shot direction approximately 10 yards (20 yards of correction between Draw and Fade settings).
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Dragonfly Technology on the inside creates an ultra-thin crown structure, saving weight, which is moved to the edges of the clubhead to increase the MOI by 3% (compared to the G400 LST) for added ball speed and forgiveness.

At 450cc, the G410 LST driver features a more rounded, pear-shaped design and combines with more efficient Turbulator technology for advanced aerodynamics, leading to increased clubhead speed. The clubface sits slightly open at address and the score-line pattern frames the impact area to aid alignment.

The unique forging and patented heat-treatment process of the T9S+ face powers a thinner, hotter impact area that is precision machined to elevate ball speed across the entire face for more flexing and faster ball speeds. The forged face and the internal geometry of the head are instrumental in producing the powerful feel and sound of the driver.

A lightweight, adjustable hosel expands from five to eight settings, offering loft (0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰) and lie adjustments (including up to 3⁰ flatter than standard) to optimise ball flight.

G410drv_9LSTfaceRender 1“With the tremendous success of the G410 Plus and SFT drivers introduced earlier this year, we’re pleased to add the highly anticipated G410 LST model to the line-up in time for the summer,” said John K. Solheim, Ping President. “It took us a little longer than planned, but that was only because our first iteration didn’t out-perform the G400 LST. We re-worked the design to meet our performance improvement standards and are excited to get the G410 LST driver into golfer’s hands.”

He added: “The head size is slightly smaller than the Plus model and the centre of gravity is positioned to reduce spin several hundred revs per miniute while still providing extremely high forgiveness. The combination of lower spin and more stability, plus the ability to dial in the shot shape with our movable-weight technology, greatly expands the types of golfers who can benefit from the technology of the G410 LST driver.

The stock shaft option is Ping’s Alta CB Red Red (Soft R, R, S, X), while four high-performance shaft options are available at no upcharge and ensure a shaft-fitting solution to match the launch conditions of all golfers.

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