PGA Championship 2019: Justin Rose’s whimsical print shirts for Bethpage and where to buy each piece

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Since Justin Rose joined the Bonobos team earlier this year, his style has been revamped to include more prints, colors and beachy personality. He’s typically been dressed in simple colors and classic silhouettes. His move toward bolder colors and unique patterns has given the No. 2-ranked golfer a refreshed look that is on-trend, athletic and full of character. “Bonobos gives me the ability to play with colors and patterns in a way that compliments my on-course style preference,” Rose said. “Golf apparel can be bright and fun yet still sophisticated.” At the PGA Championship, Rose will do just that, debuting four new and striking patterns that are sure to turn heads at Bethpage.

Thursday will be Rose’s tamest outfit of the week with a heather blue striped top and blue bottoms. The varied sizes of the stripes add personality, making it more than your average striped shirt. Rose typically leans toward navy color palettes—it’s a color that he feels elicits a strong performance. “Navy blue has always been a staple, a go-to for me when I’m thinking about business and getting the job done,” Rose said. The simple look is a great way to start out the major week with an eye on the prize.

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Friday’s look is the brightest by far for Rose’s otherwise blue-centric apparel scripting. He’ll pair a pink floral golf shirt with black pants. Upon signing with Bonobos in January of this year, Rose said he was looking forward to wearing black trousers again. “I haven’t had a pair of black pants for probably two to three years,” Rose said. “For whatever reason, what I was wearing previously, black just hadn’t been an option and I’m actually looking forward to some crisp, black pants again.” Black pants are a great way to balance out brighter tops and make bold prints a little more formal.

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Continuing the vacation-inspired looks, Rose will wear another fun print on moving day. The primarily black shirt is covered with teal pineapples for a whimsical-yet-stylish look. Paired with a simple white pant, the dark top will be able to shine. Before signing with Bonobos, Rose wasn’t typically seen in loud prints, but it’s a look he’s comfortable with wearing both on and off the course. “I love some of the bold prints there and obviously that fits with my lifestyle, how I live in the Bahamas.” Rose said. The shirt is reminiscent of a Hawaiian-shirt-style, but the dark background and golf shirt silhouette adds sophistication and golf-ready style.

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On Sunday, Rose will wear an ultra-stylish rose print shirt that is set to become a fan favorite. The clean floral design on the light blue golf shirt is a classic look that will look great over navy pants. “The rose print just made sense,” Rose said. “It compliments the Bonobos X Justin Rose partnership perfectly and looks very classic on the course.”

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