One Week of Tiger: What you might have missed from our coverage of Woods’ incredible win


One week ago Sunday, Tiger Woods won the Masters, a sequence of words that still feels funny to write. For all the reasons that has made Woods the most compelling figure in golf for the last two decades—through extraordinary highs and humiliating lows—those are the reasons why his one-stroke win at Augusta National has become the biggest story not in just golf in recent memory, but in sports, and possibly beyond.

At Golf Digest, we’ve explored Woods’ 15th major title from practically every angle, but you’re forgiven if you haven’t gotten to it all. To make things simpler, we figured we’d provide some of the highlights below.

The immediate aftermath

Tiger Woods’ 15th major was improbable and familiar all at once. Dave Kindred’s artful account of a riveting final round, and how Woods finally summoned his old magic when he needed it.

Tiger Woods should enjoy this win more than any other. John Feinstein describes how this win for Woods, after so much heartache, deserved to be savored.

Part of what separated last Sunday was the fact that tee times were pushed up and the tournament was over by lunchtime. Dave Shedloski wrote about the odd set of circumstances that gave the final round a surreal feel.

Big money

How Tiger Woods’ latest Masters title could have a bigger impact on golf than his first. Inevitably, a Woods win could have larger implications on the sport, with some thinking it could trigger a second Tiger Boom. Mike Stachura explains how.

Gambler who won $1.2 million on Tiger Woods’ 2019 Masters victory: “I had never placed a bet on sports in my life”. Beyond Woods’ impact on the larger golf economy, consider the windfall it created for one Wisconsin man, who put $85,000 down on Woods to win. Steve Hennessey first talked to James Adducci about his incredible wager, and later learned about Adducci’s checkered background.

The technical

Two worthwhile looks at how Woods prevailed at Augusta National are Matt Rudy’s examination of Woods’ much-improved driving during the Masters; and E. Michael Johnson’s deep dive on Woods’ Masters-winning clubs.

The personal

Let’s not blow it this time with Tiger Woods. Then again, the downside of Woods’ returning to the top of the golf world is that expectations spiral out of control again. I wrote about my history covering Woods, and why we should just savor this moment for what it is.

Why Tiger Woods’ Masters meant so much to one writer. Another first person account, from colleague and unabashed Woods supporter Alex Myers. Myers describes the role Woods played in drawing him into golf, and how it was difficult to remain objective during an emotional final round.

I wrote the wrongest possible Tiger Woods take, and the Internet will not let me forget it. At the other end of the spectrum is Shane Ryan, who four years ago wrote a searing, tongue-in-cheek column about why Woods’ career was over, and who has been forced to eat those words throughout Woods’ incredible comeback, and especially Sunday.

My round at Augusta National: A dream realized, and a window that almost closed. The only thing better than covering a Woods win? Covering the win, then getting to play Augusta National the next day. Joel Beall had that back-to-back last week, and it allowed him to reflect on his own career journey.

Friends, family, and well wishers from afar

Naturally, a big part of Woods’ win was the impact it had on others, starting with the first person he hugged, Joe LaCava. Keely Levins tracked down LaCava in the parking lot after the round and talked to the veteran caddie about everything from Woods’ reaction on the pivotal 12th hole to the advice he provided his boss before the round

Watch Tiger Woods’ melt-your-heart post-victory hug with his kids. As Ryan Herrington describes, the magnitude of what transpired last week didn’t really set in until Woods walked off the 18th green and wrapped son Charlie and daughter Sam in hugs.

Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama among stars to congratulate Tiger Woods on win. The Woods win elicited a rare display of bipartisanship, Christopher Power explains, as both President Trump and former President Obama chimed in with congratulations for Woods. So did Jack Nicklaus, as Dave Shedloski writes.

Of course, dignitaries and other major champions were not the only ones who enjoyed Woods’ win. Brian Wacker solicited some fun stories from readers about where they were when watching Woods win.

The trivial

Of course this win featured its share of curiosities, starting with Woods’ conspicuous gum chewing throughout the week (he said it was to curb hunger); the people in his entourage, including girlfriend Erica Herman; and where he planned to take the green jacket (he said show-and-tell at school, but also, apparently his Florida restaurant. Few men have ever looked better in green, which is worth noting, only because Woods’ choice in attire hasn’t always been so commendable.

And finally . . .

Lest you need another reminder of how big this moment was in golf, consider this video narrated by Levins and using images from Golf Digest photographers Dom Furore, J.D. Cuban, and Dom Furore.

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