Nike expected to release three limited-edition NRG golf shoes with bold pops of color

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Nike is set to release three of its most popular golf shoe styles in a new and colorful design. The exact launch date is unknown, but the brand has teased the shoe on its website all week generating a ton of buzz in the golf world. The blue and purple motif will available in limited quantities in the brand’s newest golf shoe, the Nike Air Max 270, the Brooks Koepka-designed Air Zoom Infinity Tour and the more refined Air Zoom Victory Tour. These Nike NRG (a play on energy) releases are part of the brand’s special-edition offerings that are typically hard to get and bring a lot of hype to the shoe market.

This almost exact replica of the iconic Air street shoe dropped last week and is flying off the shelves. It’s waterproof, packed with traction and has a ton of cushion built into the Nike Air membrane across the bottom of the shoe. The limited-edition colorway has a fading blue-to-purple hit on the translucent air pocket at the heel, a pop of color on the Nike Swoosh and another touch at the heel pull. These versatile shoes ($170) will match easily with most summer looks and are a quick way to brighten up a simple ensemble.

Brooks Koepka had a big part of designing and testing these sneaker-like golf shoes. The Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes launched in April with strong reviews from the golf community. It’s got tour-level grip from strategically placed piston spikes on the bottom of the shoe and each lug is placed under a Zoom Air pocket to create energy return when pressurized. The NRG version of the shoe ($180) adds bright details to the outsole, heel and swoosh of the primarily white shoe. The color contrasts stylishly with the dirt-and-water-repellent white knit upper. Pair these high-tongue kicks with joggers or a tailored pair of shorts for an upscale athletic look.

For a more traditional look, the NRG edition of the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour adds a little spice to the sophisticated shoe. Simple gradient coloring fading from aqua to purple is found on the swoosh and cleated area—a subtle enhancement that goes a long way on this leather golf shoe ($200).

If you can’t wait, check out the Golf Digest Shoe Guide: The Best Golf Shoes of 2020 or the original versions of the Air Max 270 G, Air Zoom Victory Tour and Air Zoom Infinity Tour.

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