Motocaddy launches M7 Remote trolley

Motocaddy has launched the new M7 REMOTE trolley, offering golfers an improved hands-free experience for transporting their clubs on the golf course.

The M7 REMOTE is the eighth model in the brand’s compact M-Series range and represents a significant upgrade on the original S7 REMOTE model it replaces.

The new model features an anti-glare LCD screen, plus game-changing remote technological advancements. As with all M-Series models available this year, its integral compact-folding SlimFold system makes it possible to fit into the smallest car boots.

The remote control handset has a range of 50 metres and moves the trolley forward, left, right and in reverse, with an additional pause and resume feature. It can also switch from remote to manual mode and back again if the user wants to control it from the handle like a regular trolley.As well as offering Automatic Downhill Control, there is an emergency stop and a new handset lock function which prevents accidental button pushes.

The LCD screen on the trolley includes an extra battery meter indicating the capacity of the handset, with the handset able to clip onto the trolley frame for convenient access and storage, as well as for easy recharge via a USB.

Featuring a wider wheel-base than standard M-Series models, while a pair of anti-skid rear wheels and an extra (removable) anti-tip wheel at the back ensure stability on all terrains. Powered by a 28.8V system, it has nine speed settings, a speed indicator and battery meter, plus a lightweight Lithium battery that can be charged without being removed. The handle can also be adjusted to a range of heights.

Available from next month, the M7 REMOTE comes with a graphite frame and ULTRA Lithium battery and has an RRP of £999.99. For more details, visit

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