Mizuno launches RB Tour balls


Mizuno has launched two new tour-calibre golf balls, RB Tour and RB Tour X, the first time the company has introduced golf balls globally.

Both models, which go on sale next month, promise optimum greenside feel plus excellent performance in the wind thanks to a new drag-reducing Cone Profile Dimple (C Dimple), which is the result of 12 years of wind tunnel testing at Mizuno’s test facility in Yoro, Japan.

“Mizuno has its own wind tunnel at the Mizuno Technics laboratory and a particular skill set in aerodynamics,” said David Llewellyn, Mizuno’s Director of R&D. “We’ve now built a reputation across Asia and Europe for producing a quality ball – working with tour winners, elite amateurs and emerging tour players. The RB TOUR takes us to the next level, and we’re excited to see where this takes us.”

RB_TourX_BallPairThe C-Dimple creates more trigger points to keep fast flowing air close to the ball’s surface for longer – simultaneously reducing drag and strengthening trajectory. Under laboratory testing, a configuration of 360 Cone Dimples was discovered the most effective at producing a controllable, penetrating driver flight, and noticeable distance gains on full iron shots.

The RB Tour and RB Tour X’s four-piece construction blends 360 C-Dimples with a high-traction urethane cover, an Ionomer mantle layer, and a graduated hardness Butadiene Dual Core. The RB Tour model’s very soft compression offers lower driver spin to suit more downward angles of attack, while the RB Tour X is geared more towards mid driver spin for flat to upward attack angles.

Mizuno has had golf balls available in Europe and the Far East before, but never in the US. “We’ve been lobbied on every social media channel to introduce the ball to the US market, but we specifically wanted to wait for this ball,” added Llewellyn.

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