Mizuno extends its JPX 919 iron line with a players club designed for distance


Mizuno’s extension of its JPX 919 iron series is its Pro model, a club designed to deliver distance in a distinctly compact package.

Like other Mizuno Hot Metal irons, the JPX 919 Pro uses a steel alloy called Chromoly 4140M (which has been used in high-tech bicycle frames as well as the body of solar cars), allowing the 919 Hot Metal Pro ($1,000, set of eight in steel) to achieve ball speeds similar to that of its larger 919 Hot Metal counterpart. The steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio comes through a combination of chromium and molybdenum and a special heat-treating process that allows for an incredibly thin, multi-thickness cupface while maintaining the better-player look.

“There has been a noticeable shift of better players towards our Hot Metal irons,” says Chris Voshall, golf marketing manager at Mizuno. “We realized we could do more in that category and push the technology a bit further.”

The cast head uses a manufacturing process that allows the face to get selectively thin and strong, but also allows the hosel area to remain soft, thus making it easy to bend for a wide range of lie angles for better fitting versatility. Meanwhile, ribs just inside the topline stabilize the frame for better sound and feel despite the thin-face construction.

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Key to the better player, of course, is that all this is in a smaller, more workable head shape which features a slimmed-down top line and sole, along with reduced offset that appeals to players seeking something more traditional in look. A pearl brush finish reduces glare in bright sunlight, addressing a frequent better-player complaint.

The grooves also have been altered to make for a better transition to the scoring clubs, while an opening in the heel portion enhances stability and helps produce an appropriate peak height trajectory.

For those feeling wanting to match their other wedges to their pitching wedges, set-matching gap, sand and lob wedges are available. Those clubs are made from a soft X30 stainless steel with precision-milled grooves and faces to ensure spin on short shots around the greens.

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