Miura Golf website to expand its role, including offering consumers the option to purchase clubs directly


At first glance, it seems an unusual move that Miura Golf will offer its clubs in a direct-to-consumer approach, given how the company has done much to cultivate a relationship with custom fitting as a key element of getting players to optimize the benefits of its precision forged designs.

But not to worry, the company is still stressing the value of custom fitting. The new opportunity on its website is just an effort to connect with more top-of-the-pyramid players eager to experience the company’s clubs without the easy availability of an authorized Miura fitting account in their locality.

Launched late last month, the new Miura e-commerce site at miura.com allows golfers to build a set of eight to 10 clubs, including irons, driving irons, wedges and putters. Among the clubs highlighted in the new program are the MC-501, the CB-1008, the CB-2008 and the PP 9005, as well as the company’s first hollow iron design, the IC-601.

“Our eCommerce offering is not intended to replace a full fitting at an authorized dealer, as we still believe that this is the best way to fit into a set of Miura’s,” said Bill Holowaty, Miura Golf COO. “Miuragolf.com enables someone who already knows his/her specs or doesn’t have easy access to an authorized dealer to discover perfection.”

The Miura heads are offered in 18 different shafts, 14 grips and three finishes on the website’s direct-to-consumer platform. Plans are for the eCommerce site to expand fitting options and guidance so players can end up with a better matched set when they do not have the opportunity to work directly with a fitter.

“At this point we wanted to be able to fulfill the demand for consumers who did not have an option to order full built sets of Miura products,” said Will Miele, Miura’s sales manager for North America. “So this phase one release gives golfers, who have their specs, the opportunity to go online and place a custom order. We highly recommend golfers seek out Miura dealers in their area through our dealer locator on our website and get properly fit.”

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