Maxfli focuses on center of gravity in its new Tour and Tour X line of golf balls


The topic of locating the center of gravity in a golf ball is hardly a new idea. Ben Hogan was known to float golf balls in water with Epsom salt (something Bryson DeChambeau grew up doing as well), to see which golf balls were more centered than others. Maxfli, however, has taken the idea and gone after it with a 21st Century approach with its new Tour and Tour X golf balls.

The three-piece Tour and four-piece Tour X are multilayer, cast urethane-covered balls. However during the production process, the center of gravity is located and then the sidestamp is applied in the exact position. This allows golfers on shots where they can put their hand on the ball (tee shots and putts, or other shots when playing lift, clean and place), to align the sidestamp toward the target, with the idea being that it will reduce sidespin for greater consistency on these shots and putts.

Vince Noe

While some might dispute the potential benefit, it certainly can’t hurt. Plus, if Ben Hogan and Bryson DeChambeau think it’s a worthwhile endeavor, who are we to argue. The Tour and Tour X are currently available and sell for $35 per dozen.

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