Malaska Golf // Shoulder Set and Shaping the Ball – A Golf Lesson from Joe Nichols

Feeling how your shoulders work through the full swing is very important. When I was working with Joe Nichols, he would have us get the club swinging around us in a consistent way, then set our shoulders in different positions to change the path of the club, the angle of the club face at impact and shape the ball.

As you start to learn how your shoulders help direct the ball, you’ll have a better understanding of what is causing your shots to move through the air the way they do.

I learned a lot of techniques and drills working with Joe Nichols over the years. And, they have great influence on my game and how I teach the game.

You can learn step by step online at Follow The M-System to develop the skills you need to become a complete player.

Don’t just play golf. Understand it.

Let’s make this your best season yet.

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