How To Cure A Golf Pull

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Golf Pull

This tip explains the golf pull. Once you know this you will realize it this swing flaw isn’t that hard to fix.

In a nutshell, this shot is created when you start your arms down first in the downswing. In doing so, your upper body tilts to the left (for a right-handed golfer). If you tilts left you will get left. If the face is square to the path you will get it straight left. If the face is closed you would pull hook it and if the face of open you would pull slice it.

So to cure the golf pull what you need to do is understand how to start the lower body first in the downswing. Once you understand this your upper body will stay back behind the ball in the downswing thus creating a path more from the inside.

The next time you go to the range try tilting left on a few shots then tilt to the right on a few shots and you will see that you can easily change their direction. Keep this in mind once you do your actual swing so you can instantly change the direction of your real shots and get your ball back online instantly.

Again, this shot is that hard to fix both spent a few minutes watching this tip and take these thoughts to the range with you the next time you practice.

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