This video discusses a golf tip for a powerful golf swing. Many golfers are always looking for more power in their game and this video will show you how to add extra distance and power to your irons and driver.

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All golfers are wondering how to create the perfect golf swing and are often purchasing all sorts of training aids and doing all types of training programs to try and improve their game and scoring.

This video will focus your attention on the things that really matter in the golf swing and help you improve your game. In this video I use Professional golf swings as a comparison and play their swings in slow motion so you can clearly see the points that I’m making.

This video is taking a complex movement and breaking it down to simple golf making the points as basic as possible for you to understand.

This video will help you swing the golf club on plane making a huge improvement to your understanding of this area and all of these points can be used for the driver too.

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