Golf Stance Width – 60 Sec. Golf Tips

Watch bonus video! If your stance is too wide, it will be impossible for you to sequence your downswing correctly.

Yep, fat shots, thin shots and even losing lag can all be directly attributed to too wide of a stance.

So, how do you know how wide to stand? I’m glad you asked!

In today’s bonus video, I’m going to show you exactly how wide YOU should stand for every club in your bag, so make sure you watch the bonus video now!

Hey guys, Chuck Quinton here, founder of Today’s 60-second tip is all about golf stance width. The most common fault that we see at our golf academy here at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando every single day is a stance width that’s just way too wide.
Why does it matter? Golf stance width is going to affect weight transfer in the golf swing. If you stand really wide like this, your stance is going to make it such that if you shift your weight properly in the backswing, your head’s gonna have to move off the ball and then if you shift your weight properly in the downswing, your head’s gonna move all over the place. It’s gonna make golf way harder than it really needs to be.
Proper stance width is dictated not by the club you have in your hand, but by the width of your pelvis, that’s right. That’s a fundamental of rotary swing because it’s based on biomechanics, and when you understand that you have requirements for your stance width that need to allow you to transfer your weight fully without your head moving all over the place, then that is all dictated by the width of your pelvis.
If you stand too wide, you’re gonna have to shift your hips all over the place, it’s gonna move your head. You stand too narrow, you’re not gonna have a stable enough base. So if you want to learn more about how stance width is probably making it impossible for you to shift your weight, and if you want to add 20 more yards to your swing by learning how to shift your weight correctly, take a look at this bonus video. It’s gonna show you just how wide your stance should be and it’s gonna help you add more distance to your swing with zero effort on your part.
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