Golf Pride launches online golf grip selector


Golf Pride has launched a new online grip selector tool which can determine which grip technology and size will best suit a golfer best under different conditions.

By heading to golfers can determine which grip technology and size will best suit them by selecting the size of glove they wear or taking a measurement of their hand size, assessing the climate they regularly play in, whether they prefer a soft or firm feel and the surface texture they desire.

Among the technology available, is the all-new offering for this June, with Golf Pride expanding its popular MCC family of hybrid grips with the new MCC Teams collection. The initial launch will consist of 15 unique colour combinations to choose from, so that golfers can represent their favourite team while out on the course.

If you prefer a technology that allows for more consistent hand placement to provide more consistent results, ALIGN Technology offers a raised-ridge on the back of the grip that guides hand alignment and is the company’s fastest growing grip technology of all time. The innovative design ensures consistent hand placement every time and the raised ridge helps to create greater clubface awareness and produce more consistent results. The technology was first introduced in the popular MCC and MCC Plus4 hybrid grips and is also available in the all-rubber Tour Velvet. More recently, a fully corded Z-GRIP ALIGN was developed to complete the full range of feel preferences.

As the leading manufacturer of putter grips on Tour, Golf Pride has modernised classic styles preferred by the world’s best putters. The PRO ONLY putter grip family consists of three models, each with their own unique shape and featuring a colour co-ordinated star on the end cap; these were refined with direct player testing to deliver the highest level of feedback.

Other key products in the lineup include the Tour Velvet Plus4, the MCC and MCC Plus4 hybrid, the fully corded ZGRIP, the ultra-soft CP2 Wrap and CP2 Pro, the Tour Wrap MicroSuede, the Tour SNSR putter grip series and many more.

For more information on Golf Pride’s entire 2020 product offering, visit

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