Golf Pride expands full-swing and putter grip favorites to give hands the proper feel automatically


Golf Pride will expand its line of full-swing and putter grips with offerings and updates that aim to make your hands more easily adopt the proper position and the ideal grip pressure.

The two new full-swing options are updates for two of the most popular grips in the game, the Tour Velvet and Z-Grip, while Golf Pride also is extending the lineup of its oversized TOUR SNSR putter grips.

The Tour Velvet, according to the company the most played grip on the PGA Tour, now will include a Plus4 version. The Tour Velvet Plus4 feature the built-up bottom half of the grip, a technology that grew from the trend on tour that sees more than 90 percent of the players on the PGA Tour using grips with extra layers of tape under the grip. The Plus4 technology creates the feel of four layers of tape under the grip where the bottom hand holds the club. The idea behind the Plus4 is to promote lighter grip pressure. The new Tour Velvet Plus4 also features an enhanced traction pattern and improved durability.

The Z-Grip, which according to the company is the fastest growing cord grip on the PGA Tour, now will feature an option with Golf Pride’s Align feature. Align places a reminder ridge on the back of the grip to help a player’s hands correctly feel the center of the grip time after time for a more consistently square face at address.

For the putter, Golf Pride is expanding its TOUR SNSR line to feature new models with the tour-popular pistol shape. With two options at 104 cubic centimeters and a more counterbalanced 124-gram, 140 cubic centimeter size, the TOUR SNSR Contour Pro utilizes the same proprietary soft rubber formulation found in the original TOUR SNSR Straight model, which has become the company’s most popular putter grip model since its introduction two years ago.

The new Golf Pride grips will be available at retail in March.

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