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The holiday season is in full swing and while you cross off people on your list, our’s keep growing. We’ve all received the usual lineup of undesirable golf gifts—golf bag desk decor, generic boxes of golf balls and golf books we’ve already read. This year surprise your favorite hacker with one of these golf gift ideas they’ll actually want. We gathered the holiday wish lists at the Golf Digest offices to help with buying for even the most discerning golfers in your life. Here’s a peek at what Golf Digest editors want to open up this holiday season.

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Monument Golf Stick-It Magnetic Rangefinder Strap-In
“The only golf-related gift I’ve asked Santa for this year (other than curing my short-game woes, which I believe is outside his area of expertise) is the Stick-It Magnetic Rangefinder Strap-In by Monument Golf. It wraps around your rangefinder and is secured on it tightly by an adjustable Velcro strap. The two magnets on the side make it easy to simply place your rangefinder on the metal frame of the golf cart, making for easy access when sizing up the distance of a shot and eliminating time-consuming fumbling around in the cupholder or other more difficult to get to areas of the cart. Whoever came up with this product is a genius.” —E. Michael Johnson, Equipment Editor

BUY NOW: $25

Ogio Creature Travel Cover
“I need a new travel cover but don’t want to spend $300 or more. I love my clubs, but I know you can get good protection for them around the $200 range. That’s why I like the Ogio Creature. It’s a well respected brand in golf and it’s big enough for clubs, some dirty laundry and a bottle of whiskey. And it’s only 7.2 pounds.” —Ron Kaspriske, Senior Editor

BUY NOW: $200

Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Personal Cooler
“I’ve had my eye on this golf cart accessory for a while. It’s one of the smaller Yeti soft coolers that will fit in the basket behind the seats in a golf cart, is leak-proof and holds up to eight cans. Can’t wait to fill it with my favorite Texas-made beer, Shiner Bock.”—Mason Leverington, Video Producer

Available at
BUY NOW: $250

SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40
“When I’m indulging in thinking about what I want for Christmas, I’m honing in on things that I wouldn’t buy for myself. This $32 tube of sunscreen certainly falls into that category. And that’s because the sunscreen in my golf bag right now cost me a cool $7. I know that SuperGoop! is better for me than whatever I grab at the drugstore, but I just can’t get myself to pay nearly 5x on the screen I really want. So, I leave it to Santa to get me out of my cheap screen and into the sunscreen my skin deserves. SuperGoop! is devoid of all the trash chemicals I shouldn’t be putting on my skin. It has no scent, isn’t going to weigh my skin down and it goes on clear and matte — so there’s no risk of weird, oily streakiness leftover after it’s applied.
Is this the most fun gift on my list? Nope. But it’s the one I’ll certainly use the most.”
—Keely Levins, Senior Writer

BUY NOW: $32

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Apple AirPods
“As a new resident of New York City, I’ve realized headphones are more than just a way to listen to music, they’re a part of everyday life. I’ve been using Apple’s regular headphones for years, but I’m ready to cut the cord. Having AirPods would not only make daily commuting more enjoyable, but it would make my travel to and from the golf course and practice easier as well.” —Nicole Rae, Social Media Manager

Available at
BUY NOW: $160

Golf Wang Hoodie
“Middle-aged fella that I am, the utilitarian, comfy hoodie rarely has felt appropriate except for attending high school lacrosse games. This beauty from Golf Wang will expand my license. Santa willing, I will don this hoodie and strut its luxurious sportiness around town and at the practice range.” —Guy Yocom, Senior Writer

Available at $90

Nike Roshe G Men’s Golf Shoe
“Every time I see a buddy wearing these sneaker-type golf shoes I ask “are those sneakers?” That usually follows with them lifting their foot and pointing to the golf spikes at the bottom of the shoe as I look on in amazement at such a basic invention. I like the casual, stylish look and I’m sure they are more comfortable than the pair of golf shoes I buy each year, yet I never have even considered buying them. Maybe Santa will change that. Consider me team sneaker shoe if so.” —Christopher Powers, Assistant Editor

BUY NOW: $80

DJI Osmo Pocket
“The Osmo Pocket is a 3-axis stabilized handheld camera the size of a candy bar. Capture, edit and share silky smooth video of your golf swing right from your iPhone.”—Christian Iooss, Executive Producer, Video

BUY NOW: $349

Scott Readman Concepts Putter Cover
“In an era where everything is mass-produced, I like things made by hand by somebody with some skills. Scott Readman makes bespoke putter covers in his UK shop that are different than anything you’d see off the rack here in the states. They’re around 50 bucks.” —Matt Rudy, Senior Writer

Available at $45-$50

G/FORE Glove
“I love wearing an all black or white outfit on the course with a pop of color or coordinating my glove to match my hat or shoes. It makes for a polished and unique look.” —Hally Leadbetter, Associate Brand Editor

BUY NOW: $35

“A Course Called Scotland: Searching the Home of Golf for the Secret to Its Game” By Tom Coyne
“I enjoyed this read so much that I lent it to a buddy, only he lost it and has now put our friendship into question. Because “A Course Called Scotland” is a book you want to wear out, not so much a story as it is a compass. It’s two narratives in one, an adventure and an education forming a roll-licking dynamic that sets it apart from the innumerable tomes on Scottish golf. And while author Tom Coyne is respectful to the subject matter, his concise and sharp wit gives the story an edge that many of its peers lack. In short, if you’re seeing this Brian, I want my damn copy back.” —Joel Beall, Staff Writer

BUY NOW: $18

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Adidas NMD_R1 Women’s Shoes
“I’ve had my eyes on these kicks for a while now and am really hoping to find them under the tree come December 25. The throwback styling is so on-trend and the metallic stripes add a bit of flash, not to mention they’ve got that ultra comfortable Boost technology.” —Claire Rogers, Social Media Coordinator

BUY NOW: $130

Fitbit 3
“For those of us who can’t help turning everything into a competition, the newest Fitbit gamifies even the most mundane elements of your day—morning workouts, sure, but also your walk to work, and even the quality of your rest. In monitoring your heart rate, your steps, the depth of your sleep, and more, it’s an efficient way to gauge progress, and to provide a kick in the rear when you haven’t made enough.”—Sam Weinman, Digital Editor

BUY NOW: $149

Linksoul Rambler Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt
“For my money (and those buying for me this holiday season), Linksoul is the best golf apparel shop out there. The So-Cal outfit makes the new feel classic, and the Rambler is a great example of that. Winter (and winter golf) is here, and this long sleeve is the perfect bottom layer for the course, office, or happy hour.”—Michael Sneeden, Supervising Producer, Video

Available at
BUY NOW: $85

Adidas Boost Golf Shoes
I’ve already got an older version of these, but they’re so comfortable I’m asking for another. The design was modeled after running shoes and they give just the right amount of cushion on each step, I love wearing these on the course.” —Ryan Herrington, Deputy Digital Editor

BUY NOW: $80

Herschel Supply Co. 24-Inch Wheelie Rolling Luggage
“Efficient but effective luggage is an essential for any traveler. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-looking, slicker carry-on than this 24-inch option from Herschel. It satisfies the ideal in carry-on luggage: Small enough and easy to lug around but substantial enough so it fits all your things. If you’re buying for someone who travels often enough, this is a perfect gift.” —Stephen Hennessey, Associate Editor

BUY NOW: $150

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Piedmont Leather Jacob Hill Cash Cover
“This is the modern wallet for a Golf Person. A few large bills, a handful of credit cards and your drivers license enclosed in exotic leather. I’ve had the same one for 20 years. Ready to upgrade to hornback crocodile.”—Jerry Tarde, Editor-in-Chief

Available at $80-$250

‘Game of Thrones’ Single Malt Scotch Collection
“Game of Thrones and scotch are what good Sunday nights are made of. Just ask Diageo, who have teamed up with the fantasy epic for a line of Westeros-inspired single malts from eight of Scotland’s most-venerated whiskey houses. From Lannister to Lagavulin, all the bases are covered, no matter your fictional (or actual) allegiances, but give us the Oban Bay Reserve—a totally blacked-out tribute to the Night’s Watch—and we’ll go home happy this holiday season.” —Coleman Bentley, The Loop

BUY NOW: $100-$170

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