Follow-Along Golf: Bigger Turn



Whether it’s a 100-mile-per-hour fastball, a slap shot from the blue line or a knockout punch, the most explosive moves in sports come after there is a buildup of energy. That’s certainly true in golf, where a big, fully wound backswing results in a faster, better synchronized through-swing. That’s the jumping-off point for this video.

Let fitness trainer Kaitlyn Pimentel lead you through a 17-minute, follow-along workout designed specifically to free up your glute, hip, core, back and shoulder muscles so you can make a coiled backswing—just like the long hitters you see on TV. As Pimentel explains, you can overcome the effects of aging, previous injuries and prolonged sitting by increasing the pliability of the key golf muscles. She’ll take you through two circuits, each containing four exercises, explaining along the way the how and why of each movement. The best part is, you’ll need only a few items to perform this workout: a mini-band, a foam roller and a chair.

If you’d like to feel less restricted when you take the club back and generate more speed as you swing down, you don’t need more reps on the driving range—you need this video. With only a small time commitment, you’ll start seeing results this golf season!

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