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Learn a new backswing from golf instructor David Leadbetter that will put you in perfect position coming down.

So, let’s talk about the A Swing backswing.
Big difference from a conventional backswing.
The big key is making sure
that the butt of the club moves in
while the club head stays out.
So, hands in, club head out.
And, this is crucial.
We see so many golfers who just
roll the club away going back.
Remember, the butt of the club moves on one track.
The head moves on another.
This is always inside that club head.
And, we want to try to feel that all the way to the top.
As I do this, you can see my right arm
stays on top of my left arm.
The club face looks at the ball.
No rotation of the club face.
It actually feels slightly closed here.
Now, as I move the club away,
I want to feel a setting with my right wrist.
Load that right wrist.
And, you can see the club,
it is still outside my hands.
This is what I’m trying to achieve.
It’s very difficult to get it absolutely in this position,
but the closer you get to this,
the better because, literally,
when I’m about halfway back,
I want a sense of the shaft is almost matching my spine.
Now, anywhere between here and here is fine.
You just gotta get the club up on its end,
sensing that, hey,
once the club is here
as I just complete my rotation with my body,
you can see that’s as far as I want to go.
I want to keep my left arm under my shoulder plane.
I want to make sure that the grip I had at address
is still apparent.
You can see I still have a little cup
at the base of the left wrist and the right wrist.
And, my left arm is actually under my shoulders.
I want to keep this nice and short,
but yet, the club is not far short of parallel.
In fact, you don’t have to wind up that much.
If this is far as you can go,
as long as the club is in balance.
You see, the club being in this position here, folks,
allows the club to get onto the right plane coming down.
It’s all about getting the club
on the right plane coming down.
That’s why the backswing is so important.
So remember, hands in,
club out, right arm on top.
As I set the right wrist,
I just feel that the club head
still stays outside my hands all the way to the top.

It’s an inverted feel. And now, at the top of the backswing, the club, if anything, points slightly to the right of the target. It’s a very natural motion. If I swing the club with two fingers and a thumb, look where the club wants to get to. It’s slightly across the line. Many great players throughout the history of this game have actually had the club slightly across the line at the top, rather than laid off. And, once you’re here, the club has a almost… You put life into the club. It has a life of its own. It’s got swing. You’re putting swing into your swing from this position. A much simpler backswing, the club is traveling a much shorter route to get to the completion point. And, from here, you’re in a great position now to start down. And, that back swing, very different, very simple, but very efficient.

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David Leadbetter Teaches The A Swing Backswing | Golf Lessons| Golf Digest

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