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Golf instructor David Leadbetter has four steps to the A swing release.

You understand the four steps to the A swing release.
Which is a little bit different to the conventional
release, release meaning letting go.
Now what really happens here as we’re coming into the ball,
we can see that the club face is slightly open
at this point of the swing.
I’ll step back so you can see it.
And then as it’s, it’s really square, but now from here
I’m actually trying to turn down,
you can see my watch here, the back of my glove
is turning down onto the ball, so from here
this is squaring the face off.
At this point my left wrist is flat or slightly bowed,
my right wrist is still slightly bent.
Now here’s the key, as we release it, we wanna feel
that the club face stays on the ball and instead of
the conventional way of rolling the hands and the forearms
what I’m doing here now, I’ll show you, this is a neat
little feature here with this, watch,
as I swing through, watch, look at the face,
look how square it stays,
and as I swing through here, look at my right hand.
So, as I come in to the ball, I’m in this position,
as I release it, it does this, it’s a very natural movement,
very much like a short stop picking a ball up
and throwing it to the first base, where it would be
and look at my right arm, actually looking at it,
the palm of my right hand, I’m actually looking at it,
so my right hand works this way,
and you can’t believe the speed that you get.
So, at this point I’m here, my arms are in this
extended position, my right hand is this way,
and you’ll see so many players like that,
you could see, I’ve the cup in my left wrist,
my right wrist is bowed back, and that’s the way
you wanna feel you release it.

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David Leadbetter Has 4 Steps to the A Swing Release | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

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