Couch to Course: Basics



Are you ready to make this your best season ever? Travis Fulton, one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in Florida, is ready to help you! With his four-part video series covering everything from gripping it to ripping it, you’ll start this season right.

Through easy-to-follow video lessons, Travis will help you head into your golf season with sharper skills and more confidence. Master your grip, setup positions and greenside swings in the opening video. In the second lesson, learn to add wrist hinge for longer shots and find out how to develop an overall shape to your swing. The third video is all about using your body effectively for consistency, and the final lesson covers Travis’ favorite swing keys and drills for power and speed.

Build a better game with Travis Fulton’s expert advice, and remember to access his drills when you practice. Jump-start your game this season and have more fun from that very first round.

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