Callaway has unveiled four new balls for 2019, all of which focus on combining distance, accuracy and soft feel with low compression.

The new balls are the ERC Soft Triple Track, the Supersoft 19, the Supersoft Magna and the SuperSoft Matte.

ERC-Soft-ball-quarter-view-2019-001-1030x796ERC Soft Triple Track
A ball suited for every type of player, Callaway claims its all-new ERC Soft Triple Track’s innovative design ‘sets a new standard for distance-enhancing performance’.
While the ball has been designed to play long and soft, with increased control around the green, the most visual striking aspect is its patented ‘Triple Track Technology’, three parallel lines that circle the entire circumference of the ball to act as a strong visual alignment aid.
Other design features include a new soft multi-material cover, which promotes fast ball speeds for long distance through the bag, great feel and higher spin around the green.
The inner section of the ball boasts the largest Graphene core to feature in one of its balls, which maximizes compression energy while minimizing driver-spin and promoting high launch for long distance.
RRP: £34.99 per dozen. On sale: Feb 8

supersoft-2019-12-ball-box (1)SUPERSOFT 19
The latest generation of the Supersoft ball combines Callaway’s lowest compression with a new softer cover and optimised HEX aerodynamic dimples for lower drag, longer distance and straighter shots off every club. And around the green, the softer Trionomer cover generates greater shot-stopping spin and better feel to improve short game performance.
RRP: £22.99 for 12. On sale: Feb 8

SUPERSOFT MAGNASupersoft-MAGNA-2019-12-ball-box (1)

Designed for beginners, juniors and slow swingers who generally struggle to make consistently solid contact with the ball, the SuperSoft Magna is slightly larger than a standard ball, yet still conforms to the Rules of Golf. It is designed to offer all distance, accuracy and feel characteristics of the SuperSoft model in a slightly easier-to-hit, more forgiving size.
The larger size creates a higher centre of gravity that promotes the high launch and solid contact that you normally get when a ball is teed up.
Longer distance and increased accuracy is provided by the ultra-low compression core, while HEX aerodynamics promote a lower spin rate to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry, higher flight. Enhanced feel and increased greenside control if offered from a new soft Trionomer cover.
RRP: £22.99 for 12. On sale: Feb 8

Callaway’s colourful new Supersoft Matte balls, which are offered in red, pink, orange and green, feature HEX aerodynamics and are optimised for reduced drag, higher flight and longer carry distance. This entry level two-piece ball features an Ionomer cover for soft feel and low compression to promote long and straight performance with low spin and added forgiveness.

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