Butch Harmon: Fairways and Greens



Imagine if you could get a few more good looks at birdie every round. Maybe the key for you is driving the ball in play, or adding 20 yards off the tee. Or making crisper contact with your irons and eliminating bad misses on approach shots. Most likely, you need improvement in all of these areas, and who better to help than Butch Harmon.

In more than 25 minutes of new video content, Butch demonstrates what you need to focus on off the tee and from the fairway. Starting with the driver, Butch goes through the basics of the setup, the swing, distance and accuracy keys, even how to handle pressure situations. Then, he discusses the most challenging drives for amateur golfers—trouble right, trouble left, hitting off the first tee. Next, Butch heads down the fairway to cover iron-play basics and fixing common swing faults. Finally, he shares his best tips for handling four types of uneven lies as well as shots from the rough. It’s all right here from golf’s No. 1 teacher.

Stop guessing how to play more consistently from tee to green. Join Butch for this video curriculum and see why his no-nonsense style has worked for the best players in the game—and how it can help you.

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