Around the Greens with Luke Donald



As a kid, Luke Donald pretended he was Hall of Famer Seve Ballesteros and tried to save par from every conceivable spot around the greens. As a pro, Luke used those practice sessions to help get to the top of the PGA Tour in just about every short-game statistic over 18-plus seasons. Now you get to learn his secrets.

In these five videos, Donald, one of the greatest short-game players in PGA Tour history, shows you how he plays all the shots on and around the greens. This isn’t just a quick how-to. You’re going to short-game school with Luke. In detail, he’ll walk you through how to chip and pitch, play half-wedges and bunker shots, and make every putt look like it’s going in the hole. Here, he covers it all: club selection, grip, setup, swing technique, contact keys, playing strategies and more. He also gives you practice drills to master these shots and offers some troubleshooting advice to fine-tune what you’ve learned.

This is your chance to understand how to get up and down more often, shoot lower scores and finally have the short game you’ve always wanted. Don’t pass on this opportunity to learn from one of the best ever with a wedge and putter.

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