Alex Noren’s off-season practice setup looks pretty dangerous but it probably gets the job done


All of the top players in the world have put in countless hours of work to reach the level they have in the game. But there’s a legitimate case to be made that nobody works as hard as Alex Noren. From his obsessive pre-shot routine, to that insane picture of the callouses on his hands, to the fact that some of his best golf has come in his mid 30s, the man is a true grinder.

In case you needed any more proof of his all-world work ethic, here’s a video Noren posted to his Instagram on Thursday of his incredibly dangerous looking indoor practice setup, which is probably similar to what many weekend warriors have in their garage for winter practice. Only difference here is this one looks like it’s in Noren’s living room. Please don’t try this at home:

What a wild contraption. Unsafe? Absolutely. But the guy has won 10 times on the European Tour for a reason. If full-swing, controlled punch shots in the comfort of his own home help get the job done, then who are we to judge. While every other tour pro is flying South or West for the winter, Noren is grinding away in his living room and on this snow-covered range:

For golfers who think they are at a disadvantage during the winter months, your routine may not be all that different from the 19th ranked player in the world’s routine. I wouldn’t copy the living room range thing though, unless your cool with a few holes in the wall.

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