Adidas launches new spikeless model to the Tour360 line


Adidas has launched two new models in their popular Tour360 line: The Tour360 XT and the Tour360 XT SL, which is the first spikeless shoe in the Tour360 line. The X in the name comes from the X-shaped traction system on the outsole, which is featured in both the spiked and spikeless models. The X connects the heel to the forefoot, to help keep your foot more stable throughout the swing.

Both models also feature Boost midsoles. Adidas’ Boost foam is found across their footwear lines, and is most noted for its comfort and ability to absorb shock. In the Tour360 XT, the pieces of Boost midsole are bigger in this model than in years past, to provide more comfort at the heel and toe.

The Tour360 XT SL features X-shaped traction elements on the outsole that vary in height to give you traction where you need it. It’s available in four different colors for $170 at retail. You can get it with standard laces, or with the BOA closure system.

The TPU outsole of the Tour 360 XT has both conventional spikes, eight of them, and other spikeless traction elements to work together to produce optimal grip. Last year’s model had 10 spikes. With two fewer spikes than the previous model, this new model is more flexible. The leather upper is available in four different colors, and is waterproof guaranteed for two years. The shoe is available with standard laces, or with the laceless BOA closure system.

Both the XT ($200) and the XT SL models are available now on, and will be available at other retailers February 1st.

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