Linda Sherwood Golf Instructor LPGA visit.

Linda Sherwood, Asst. LPGA Golf Apprentice 753-6211 | is a golf instructor that reached out to me because she saw the lesson videos and was fascinated by the gains that were being made so quickly. She asked me if she could observe lessons. I told her why don’t you just take one yourself that way you could feel how it’s done and be able to teach it easily and with a full understanding. I really admire her for reaching out and being able to think out of the box. She is a good player herself and like all of us desires more distance. As you’ll see it’s not just the distance but the control you gain.
This is a longer video but I think you will learn a lot from it. As always please subscribe if you haven’t and continue to support the channel. There’s more to come and all you need to invest is a little time. Just bring your passion as Linda and I do and good things will happen!

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